Friday, December 29, 2006

Headin' South

We're leaving tomorrow for a trip to the coast. The weather forecast looks clear. We'll go as far as Kamloops the first day and visit with Echo and Grant (Art's sister & brother-in-law). Then on to Vancouver to spend New Year's (and our own little Christmas) with the kids. Sara is running in the The Resolution Run on New Year's Day and we wouldn't miss that for the world.

We did consider boarding Xena because she can be quite unruly at times (desperately needs a touch of the Dog Whisperer), but we just can't do it. She is part of our lives now and we can't leave her behind. I think that getting her some training is going to have to be a New Year's resolution, though.

So today is clean the joint up, stock up the cat food and kitty litter (they are self-sustaining for a week or so), bag all the Christmas leftovers (I made a wonderful turkey soup) and put them in the freezer.

PS: I do NOT have "pink eye". People have been telling me for a week or so that one of my eyes is red, even though I can't really see it in the mirror myself. Just to make sure that I don't have something contagious, I went to the doctor yesterday (first time I've been to a doctor in years, but I have vowed to start taking better care of myself, so off I went). Well, I gotta say, this clinic we have in Fraser Lake is very thorough. I guess with fewer patients than the bigger towns they can treat us like people instead of numbers. Anyhow, after nearly an hour of jabbing and poking and dyed-drops and local anesthetic (one frozen eyeball feels VERY weird) and extremely bright lights being shone at me, it was determined that my eye is just irritated. Probably from all the wood smoke. I guess I'll live.

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