Monday, December 11, 2006

Rubber band girl

So, I thought I'd chop some wood today. Not a lot, just a little, for a few minutes.Oh my goodness, no. I didn't chop all THAT! Art did that earlier in the fall. I really did only chop a tiny little bit today (that picture is just for effect), but now my arms feel like two pieces of spaghetti. And I can't squeeze my hands very well. Talk about a wimp! I hope it doesn't hinder my ability to crochet in front of the TV tonight. It must be good exercise (the chopping, not the crocheting). Maybe I should do a little every day. Art would probably appreciate that.

And of course there's our little kleptomaniac. Xena just cannot resist stealing pieces of wood from the pile. It used to be just kindling, but now she's taking bigger and bigger chunks. You can find them strewn all over the yard. I had to snap fast to get these pics.

It's kind of fun to watch her when Art is working out in his shop. Every so often I'll see her trotting along the driveway tossing glances back towards the shop (to see if he's chasing her, I guess) and carrying something in her mouth .... a vacuum attachment, a roll of tape, a bag of screws .... anything really will do.

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