Sunday, December 10, 2006

It was a Two Moose day

There were 2 moose ( mooses?... meese?... ) on the property today. I know there were 2 because I saw them almost at the same time. One in the southeast pasture, one on the north hillside. They were huge. I assumed this one was a bull just because of it's size, but have since been corrected. The bulls still have their horns on, so this one is a cow.

So, some of you may say "". Some of you may say "where's my gun?!". Well, it gives me a thrill to see wildlife and I like that they are safe on our land. And I also happen to know a few of you out there that join me in saying "cool!".


Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome creatures aren't they! Good work getting video--they're normally very shy especially at this time of year. But they are good eatin'

carolb said...

The Blomquist's Ranch - Moose Refuge. COOL! I've never really seen one close up.