Thursday, December 07, 2006

Milk and cookies

I found this on the kitchen floor today .... There is only one possible suspect and I totally expected to find an ink covered doggy version of Ernest P Worrell (picture the courtroom scene in "Ernest Goes to Jail"). Thankfully, there was no ink spilled.

I am happy to report that all my Christmas shopping is done (I hope). It may not be if I don't hurry up and finish a few craft projects I'm working on. Art did a bunch of Christmas baking yesterday. Here's just a small sample of his yummy creations.And after all that slaving over a hot oven, he and his apprentice took a well deserved milk & cookie break.

I do want to say something to those of you, our friends and family, who think that we are living a life of hardship up here in the snowy central north. This is a beautiful part of the province. Yup, there's the odd cold snap and yup, there's a bunch of snow, but that's what it does here. And everyone knows how to drive in it, and have the correct tires on their vehicles. There's no danger, we're not freezing to death, there's no hardship of any kind. There is a real community here. Neighbours get to know each other and lend assistance freely. People smile and wave when they see us. We have a lovely, warm house, with a breathtaking view and it's super, super quiet. We have a freedom and a joy that we never had before. Those that have come to visit know that. To the rest of you .... come and see. Pay us a visit. You might not want to go back home.


Anonymous said...

You should have kept the secret to yourselves... and the rest of us who are lucky enough to KNOW that you live in heaven. We who have tasted the Endako Spirit sit here in city life and tune in several times a day hoping for any shred of update because we miss being there every day!

Love Sara B.

Anonymous said...

Oh ya sure, it totaly sucks riding ATV's and snow mobiles for hours and tearing down buildings and lighting them on fire and going up to the top of the back forty and looking down over the valley and looking at the bazillion stars and listening to the total quiet and seeing bears and chopping down your very own christmas tree from the field and....well, you get the point.

I feel very bad for you guys every day and I never have any fun when I am there.(ya right!)