Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A do-nothing kind of day

Today was a 3 moose day! We're getting to know these guys. There's a pair (cow and yearling) and a single. The single one is pretty darned big, so even though it is supposedly a cow because the bulls haven't lost their antlers yet (so we're told, anyways), I'm just not so sure.

That was a lovely start to the day. Art and Xena have now gone to pick out a Christmas tree. We are fortunate enough to have a field in our lower property that has a bunch of perfect Christmas sized trees. I'll trust whatever they choose.

I got a parcel to my parents out on Monday, so they will receive it in time for Christmas. Phew! Next was a parcel to the kids because we weren't going to see them this year, but after thinking about it some, Art and I decided to pack up the dog and the Christmas prezzies and take a trip to the coast. Sometime between Christmas and New Years. Besides, I made a promise to Sara that I would be at the finish line of her first race no matter when or where. I want to keep that promise.

I have been working on a crochet project for a while now, but am getting frustrated because I keep having to unravel big sections and redo them over and over. Argggh! Oh well, if it's not done in time then it's not done in time. Right?

I know that Sara is feeling a little stressed right now, with both work and family applying major Christmas pressures. So, to even out the imbalance of the universe in that regard, Art and I are sitting around doing nothing. Funny, I feel a bit guilty about that.


Daughter One said...

I am happy you are sitting doing nothing - my turn will come. That and you're "nothing" makes really good blogging news which takes me away for a few minutes every day...

carolb said...

Maybe we'll see you guys then!