Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Fun

When we first moved here, there were some things on the property which were pre-named by local residents. One is the house called "Gramma's" and one is the "Christmas Tree Field". Not only did we get last and this years' trees here, but I think it's a favourite place for some other people, too.Here, Blackie is helping me decorate (or supervise.... I'm not sure which).And of course Chickie did her bit with the unwrapping of gifts.Despite crochetting like a fiend, I did not get this finished in time for Christmas Day. It is a sweater for Art. So, I took this picture, printed it out and wrapped it up. I hope to have it finished by New Year's.There were some other projects, too, but they barely even got started, so I won't bother mentioning them. Where does the time go, anyways? One minute it's too early to even talk about Christmas, the next it's too late!

I got some pretty nice gifts. Some books on the subject of backyard birding, and this very cool hummingbird feeder. I'm very excited about it. I can hardly wait for those little cuties to come back now.We haven't had any new snow lately, but there's been a couple of chinooks go through. Enough to melt the driveway and then refreeze it, making it entirely impossible to walk without crampons.I'm not kidding. It's like a zamboni went through here. I like this picture because it looks like Art is standing in water, but it's a smooth polished sheet of ice. Even Xena has trouble walking on this stuff and will often opt to walk along the snowbanks rather than on the driveway.Here are Art and Xena showshoeing in the east field. In the treeline above them are many, many moose tracks. They sleep in there (the moose, that is).

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Peg said...

After seeing your hummingbird feeder yesterday, I put mine up today. I put it up around 1pm and there's already a bird there at 5pm !! I was putting it off because of the weather, not much like Arizona, thinking it was too cold. I should have known there was no place warmer for them to go and most of the flowers are all shriveled up because it has been cold, so the birds really need it even more.