Monday, March 26, 2007

What the heck is THAT?!

I recognize those big white lumpy things in the sky, but what are those bare patches? They are such a pretty I think it is.

Finally a reprieve from continuous downpour. I love the rain, but Jeez! Everthing is just saturated, with algae growing all over. The sun came out yesterday and wherever it hit, steam started rising. This isn't a super great picture but what looks like smoke in the air is steam coming off the fence.Sara & Kevin live next to the Coquitlam River with a dike between it and the houses. There is a big pond that drains under the dike into the river and it was getting dangerously high (not draining fast enough on it's own) so some major pumps and hoses were added to help it along. I took a little video, but don't have the cables with me to download it. These stills will have to do.Xena and I tried to walk on a path that circled the pond, but it was washed out. Apparantly, only a few days earlier the water was over the bottom of that sign on the right.


Viki said...

I heard someone discovered moss on their feet the other day

My Little Corner said...

Sheesh! That's some scary business out there in Coquitlam - I would not want to live near that! Great photos, BTW