Monday, March 26, 2007

someone's gonna get a hurt real bad !

This is Xena's latest work. Trouble is, this is not just any old pen. It is the touch screen pen for Art's laptop. If you look closely you can see there's computer-y stuff inside it. Kinda like when they peal back the skin on Data's arm (from Star Trek: Next Generation).

God Dammit! That thing costs something like 50 bucks!!! All I did was leave the room for 5 minutes. I come back to Xena merrily crunching away on something, while laying amidst a plethora of toys she's ALLOWED to chew on. But no! She pilfered this pen off the table. Dag-nabbin' blasted dog!!!

So now I have to use that stupid little fingerpad thingie to move the cursor around. I hate that fingerpad thingie.

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