Saturday, March 31, 2007

birthday fun

It was my birthday a couple of days ago. We hadn't intended to still be in Vancouver at the time, so had a nice celebration at Sara & Kevin's. I don't like any fuss to be made over me, that's for sure, but those 2 just have a way of making ya feel special.Sara made both of these gorgeous cards.Art gave me some more memory for my digital camera....yay! Can never have too much of that. Would you believe that from Christmas 'til now I've taken 2 gig worth of pictures?! And that's not including what I've taken with the video camera. I don't that a lot? Seems like a lot to me.The kids gave me this. It's a "Knifty Knitter". I've never knitted on a loom before, but it looks like fun. They each chose a skein of wool (and one for me, too) that they would like their respective toques to be made from. I love stuff like this, so can't wait to get started.They cooked my favourite meal....steak and potatoes. It was melt in your mouth! Kevin is a barbecue MASTER. It was all so delicious! Thank you, you guys. It was a lovely birthday.


Viki said...

A grand day to you and a super year to come too.

My Little Corner said...

Happy Belated Birthday! That was a very nice table they set out for you and those cards were gorgeous.
Do share your progress with the nifty knitter!
All the best for this upcoming year!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday girl friend! Hope you have a wonderful year!
Love e

Carol said...

Oh, I missed it! Happy belated birthday to you.
Sara makes the best cards.