Monday, April 02, 2007

culinary melting pot

We have returned home from our trip to the coast. It is nice to be home. Xena seems pretty darned happy to be here, too. She hasn't stopped running and running, saying "hi" to all her favourite spots in the yard and various toys. The cats weren't thrilled to see Xena, but they seemed to really miss US. Blackie did not stop purring for 12 hours.

One great thing about Vancouver is the plethora of things there are to eat. From all corners of the globe. Art and Sara went shopping and came home with a few new things to try. Unfortunately, they're not always very tasty......despite the name of this item. It apparantly tastes like gasoline and the only one who would eat it was Xena, after she played a little floor hockey with it first.This wasn't bad....steak and corn on the cob flavoured chips. Never got stale , though, even after leaving the bag open for a couple of days. That's gotta make ya wonder.
Then there's always the plums that "taste like ass". I'll just take Sara's word on that one. Never did give it a try.Here is a picture of Art with his daughters Sara & Treena, and Sara's husband Kevin outside of a sushi place.What is Kevin pointing at on that sign?
Make ya hungry? Perhaps it lost something in the translation. I hope so, anyway.


Carol said...

Teehee! Good times!

My Little Corner said...

Good eye for spotting funny names! Too funny! I wonder what products of ours makes others laugh?