Thursday, April 19, 2007

snow in particular - snow in general

This is the view out our bedroom window at 6:00 this morning.Yup, more snow. Keeps taking me by surprise. It reminds me of when I was a kid growing up in Victoria, BC. It almost never snows there, so it was a huge thrill to wake up and see a white dusting outside. But it always felt like a ripoff when it was melted by lunchtime. There was one year, though ..... I think it was 1965 (or thereabouts). I was just a kid and there must have been 3 feet of snow (or it seemed like it anyways). And it stayed for days. I remember my Dad made a snow sculpture of our dog, Duke, in the front yard. Good times.

So now we live in Endako, where snow is not such a rare thing. I wonder if the kids here are thrilled by it or jaded.

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Viki said...

Even the kids here are tired of it, especially after a few days of high temps and drying fields for baseball or whatever. I know I've had enough! We're getting mixed rain and snow but there is a snowfall warning on. Blech