Sunday, April 08, 2007

spring thaw

Suddenly it is warm out. The snow is melting like crazy and our driveway is a sea of mud. Art has been out on the ATV, monitoring the ditches to make sure the melting water runs off properly. Check out his blog for pictures and a little video. Because we are up on a hill, the driveway can easily wash out. Currently, you need 4X4 to get up here.

Keeping Xena clean is proving to be a challenge. The mud puddles are just too much fun! The cats are curious to get outside. I think they know there are little mousies out there. Here's Blackie daring to take a look (they're strictly indoor cats, so this doesn't happen often).As the snow is melting, Xena is rediscovering lost toys. Her favourite of all is the "blue ball" (which I've told you about before). It's been missing all winter. Yesterday Xena found it. She was digging all around it, but it wouldn't come unstuck. Here is a video of Art helping her and then her jubilation with finding her long lost friend.
Tomorrow is Tom's birthday, so we had a little get-together last night at his place. Just some supper and birthday cake. Tom on the left, his wife Sue and their son Conrad.

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