Monday, April 09, 2007

too mucky to even walk

Yesterday I woke up feeling very energetic. I was longing for an enthusiastic walk up the hill to Gramma's, so got my hiking boots on. When I stepped outside, it was raining .... so I put on my cowboy hat. I could always dry off later. Then I put my feet on the ground and they sank into the slimy, gooey mud. Yuck! So, I slowly and carefully walked over to Art's workshop and it was just not fun. I decided to abandon that idea and get my cardio workout another way, so waddled my way back to the house. Along the way I noticed some interesting things. There are patches of green grass coming up. The snow's only been gone for like 36 hours and already there's green grass growing?!?! I guess Mother Nature compensates for the shorter growing season by "making hay while the sun shines" as it were.

The other thing I noticed were these little tunnelways all over the ground. They are raceways made by mice tunneling under the snow and in the unfrozen earth. Very, very weird to see.So, until it's safe to walk out there, I'll spend a few minutes each day and go up and down the stairs. And at the moment it really is only for a few minutes because that's all I can do, but a few years ago (OK, more like 6 years) when I was a much smaller person and running 10K, my whole fitness regime was started by walking up and down the stairs for "just a few minutes" each day. That and not putting butter on my food. If I start off with the small steps the big ones will follow. I've done it before....I can do it again.

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My Little Corner said...

Good for you. It sucks when you can't take advantage of the natural "gym" outdoors, but it'll be availble soon.
Those mouse tracks are kinda cool.