Wednesday, April 11, 2007

buy some bird seed

(please note: I did not take these pictures. I stole them off the internet.)

Yup, it's definitely time to fill the feeders. First there were the robins. Yesterday, killdeers ..... Last night, around suppertime, the trees were filled with purple finches .... So far today, the redwinged blackbird .... There is no mistaking when this guy is around. He has 2 very distinctive sounds. A loud clicking which seems to be when he is griping about the feeder being empty and one is a piercing beautiful song. He lives at our pond, up the hill by Gramma's and comes down for snacks. He must be the same guy as last year because he seemed to know right where the feeder was.

Last year we had a lot of birds, but this year I hope to attract tons more. And in the coming weeks I will be going with Audrey to the local nursery to make up flower planters and hanging baskets. Wee, this is fun!

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