Monday, April 09, 2007

red, red robin

(I did not take this picture.....)

It rained all night so an incredible amount of snow has melted since yesterday. Equally as suddenly, we have been inundated with flocks of robins. They are everywhere. The sound of their chirping across the fields is something to hear as there must be a hundred or more. Of course, Xena thinks it's a real hoot to chase them. Maybe it's time to load up the birdfeeders.

Back in November, at the big Loonie Auction here in Endako, I won a fantastic bird feeder. Several of our neighbours have them and I think they are just the greatest. A local girl makes them and she will be constructing mine any time now. I have a picture somewhere. I'll try to post it later. I also got some very good books for Christmas on building bird houses and feeders. I might need to get started on those pretty soon, too.

I'm also very excited for the return of the hummingbirds, but they didn't arrive last year until early May.

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My Little Corner said...

Oh don't you just love the robins? And the hummingbirds are so brave. Sometimes they're at the feeders within feet of us. I love the 'hum' that their wings make - you can hear them coming, and they're so tiny!
Nice photo of the robin.