Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Endako History

The older I get the more interested in history I become....to varying degrees. World history is good to know, Canadian history much better, BC - fascinating. But the local stuff is what really gets me. Local to wherever I happen to be (or have been). I imagine the people that walked here before me. Who they were, what their lives were like, what they did. This little town of Endako has quite a history of it's own and now that we are calling it home I'm thirsty for the "scoop". I bought this book which is a very good publication about this area.There are still some original old-timers living here and although our neighbour, Audrey Read, is far from an old-timer, she is very active and well-known in the local communities. So if she can't answer a question, she knows who to ask.

How I got on this topic is, yesterday I received a phone call from a man in Ontario. He found my blog as he was searching for info about Endako. His mother was born here (and is even mentioned in that book), but moved away at some point. She passed away recently and now he is seeking out her roots. He is hoping to make a trip this summer so was just looking for any info he could find. The internet sure can be magical, can't it?

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Carol said...

Is that ever cool! An internet adventure.