Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rock & Gem Show

The rock and gem show was fun, as usual.We spent the whole weekend there, camping out on the gym floor for 2 nights. Because the vendors leave their stock of jewellery and gemstones at the Centre they feel better that someone is there to protect it during the night. Funny how the only ones who envy us are the little kids. They KNOW how much fun it would be to camp out at the rock show. Not many grown-ups get it, though. Even Xena was on duty.Here are just a couple of the showcases that were on display. There were many more with beautiful examples of different things to do and make with rocks.I spent some time hanging around with the bead-club ladies. They do some very cool stuff. I particularly like this needle case.One of the vendors was so pleased to have us watching over her stuff that she let me choose a couple of things from her booth. The first thing I selected was this opal ring. The setting is cheap but the stone is very pretty. I chose it because opal is my Mom's birthstone and it was also her favourite. I had a very hard time taking a picture of it. My camera is crappy for close-ups. Plus it wasn't easy to capture the "fire" in the stone. This was the best I could do.My next choice was this little porcelain piggy. When I saw it I just had to get it for Carol. There was another that had more flowers painted on it but this one had a cuter face.

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Carol said...

I love my piggy! She's perfect!