Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Has spring arrived?

Art thinks not, but it sure is melting out there right now. On Sunday we slid down the driveway to go to town and had to put chains on to get back up. Here's today.....We've been above zero for several days now. Xena seems to like it. At least she doesn't fall down everytime she steps outside.

Trouble is, though, some of that water is leaking into our basement. I go up and down those stairs several times a day and in only about 2 hours yesterday this puddle appeared.My heart jumped when I saw these boxes sitting in it getting thoroughly soaked. One was marked "photos".I yanked them out of the water and frantically ripped the lids off, which were still taped shut. Well, it turns out some smart person had wrapped all the photos in double (and some triple) plastic before putting them in the box. Phewwwww! I don't even remember doing that, but thank God I did.The other box hadn't soaked all the way through yet, but it contained several years worth of crochet magazines you can't get any more and some spiritual books. There aren't many things I consider treasures, but these are some.

Everything else is OK. It's a good thing that when we moved in we put all the boxes on pallets to keep them off the floor. Those 2 must have been on their way to my study (on the 3rd floor), so were pulled off the pile.

Add "drain tile" to the list for summer work projects.


Viki said...

OMG basement reno's--lotsa' bucks and huge mess. Refer to my blog from last year! One tip I got was to bank the house with topsoil to wick the water away.

My Little Corner said...

Yikes! That's scary. Glad your photos and mags were saved.

Where did your pictures go?