Sunday, September 23, 2007

chicken run

If you look at Art's blog, you'll know that we finally got the chickens moved from that big old barn into their very own digs. The move was a pretty exciting event. If I hadn't been involved in the actual chase and capture of those little road runners I'm sure I would have gotten some priceless footage. When we first let them loose in that vast barn, months ago, I knew that catching them again was going to be a challenge ... and it was. But we did OK. The toughest one was the rooster. Had to use a fishing net for him. And my God, you'da thought we were pulling out his pin feathers one by one by the fuss he was making. He's pretty vocal anyways, but Lordy-Lordy, what a sissy!

Art built a really spiffy coop for these birds, complete with a fancy run and chicken tractor. The run and tractor are portable so after they've scratched up and sufficiently "fertilized" an area, we can move it over a little, leaving the coop in place. We lock them in the coop at night and this is me opening the hatch in the morning. I see how it got the name "run". I left the very last bit in for you, Carol ... knowing how you like bird songs and all.

I very much like this design feature. It sure beats the egg hunt we had to go through each day when they were in the barn.


Carol said...

I love the rooster crow. I have that on my alarm clock. You know you're late when you hear that on my clock. Or Mike is going to get REALLY mad because I forgot to turn off the alarm while he was still asleep. D'oh!

How many eggs do you collect every day? Do you get a dozen every day? That adds up quickly. I think you might need to start up an egg blog with all kinds of ways to use eggs.

Kevin said...

I love it! Nice job on the coop, although the easter egg style hunt was kind of fun for the visitors.

Jo-Ann said...

We get 7-8 a day. They DO add up fast. Good thing we like 'em coz we're eating them every day. Freezing them works and I'm getting pretty good at making quiche. We give lots away, too. An egg blog....good idea!