Monday, September 17, 2007

look who's home

Our sweet little Wasi has come home. No seizures in 4 days. That's great news. He's doubled in size, eats like a horse and is running around the house like he's making up for lost time!Xena loves it, but Blackie and Chickie aren't too on-board just yet. Blackie comes over and hisses...Chickie watches from afar. But there IS hope. If they can get used to a dog (which I would have lost the bets on that one), they can get used to a kitten.

The women at the Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic are a bunch of super gals. They worked extra hard to bring Wasi 'round and we appreciate it so much. I especially want to acknowledge Kirsten. She kept a 24 hour vigil over him for a week, even taking him home at night. I know it was hard for her to let him go as they were developing a bond. Thank you, Kirsten, very much.

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Carol said...

Poor Wasi! He's had a tough start, but sounds like he's okay now. Go Wasi, Go! Also, could you be any cuter, Wasi? I doubt it.