Tuesday, September 25, 2007

working hard

For the last few days, Art's been helping our neighbour put up silage. Audrey sent him home yesterday with 2 plants for me. A plush and healthy geranium .... ... and a lovely Boston fern .... I love Boston ferns, but have never had luck with them. I hope I can keep this one alive.

While Art's been busy, I have been too. My project is to make this pile of wood into lots of smaller pieces.I spent a few hours yesterday and will get back at it in a little while. Right after I finish this cup of tea .... and finish updating my blog .... and ....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jo my name is bob mowat at bobpaula@shaw.ca> I enjoy reading your blog because at spent many year in Endako living there and visiting my mother Hulda who lived next to Tom in the house that Conrad now occupies. It good to look at your pictures because they tell that nothing has changed up there. Please say hello to tom, and sue and let them know that i am retiring and we are moving to comox on vancouver island. You could also say hello from bob and paula to nettie, alfred vossen,al mccubbin, conrad, lauralynn, David and linda mowat, and danny mcmaster. Again I love your blog keep it up.