Sunday, September 23, 2007

saskatoon - of the berry kind

This has apparantly been a super year for Saskatoon berries. The trees are dripping with them. On our morning walks, Xena couldn't seem to pass one by without picking a few for herself. I know bears like them ... didn't know dogs do too.

Art found this berry picker in a store in Burns Lake and it works like a HOT DAMN! He filled this bucket in no time.Here it is in action.

Now, even though I've never made jelly (or jam really, for that matter), I was pretty sure it couldn't be all that difficult. So I very confidently "whipped up" a batch from that bucket of berries.I suppose there must be more to it than I thought, though, because I ended up with this.....I never was much of a Suzie-Homemaker, but that's OK. It still tastes delicious.

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Anonymous said...

The truth be told, most saskatoon jelly ends up syrup! Same with chokecherry. At least, that's how I see it.