Thursday, September 13, 2007


While on our walk yesterday we encountered one of our resident coyotes. This guy is always alone, even though we know there are several more around. I saw him first, thankfully, so asked Art to grab Xena's collar. Not only did we forget to bring her leash, but I also didn't bring my video camera. So, I missed him running down the hill towards us, yipping away in coyote talk. He came fairly close and let Art & Xena move even closer while I took some still pictures.
It was hard to hold Xena, so Art went back to the house and got her leash and the video camera. I'm pretty pleased with this footage.

I suppose our farmer neighbours would be appalled that instead of trying to kill it we were welcoming it. I think these critters get a bad rap. Yes, they do not belong in the city, but here in the country they serve a purpose. I hate to think what our mouse population would be without them. And as long as they don't eat our chickens or our cats, or mess with our dog, they can stay.

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Carol said...

Your ranch is the Endako Wildlife Reserve and Kitty Ranch.