Thursday, September 06, 2007

grizzly bear

I did not believe that this was Grizzly country. They are such elusive creatures, preferring locations not so close to human habitation. And then one day a week or so ago we saw one. It was on our road and as we approached in our truck we could tell that it was not a black bear. It ran part way into the bush, then stopped, looked back at us for a moment and disappeared. I couldn't get my camera ready in time, so tried to take a snapshot in my mind. It looked just like the smaller one in this picture, so I suspect it was a yearling.People keep asking if it had a "hump" and I honestly can't recall. I do remember distinctly it's coat and how it's whole body shimmered as it ran. I suppose it could have been a brown bear....possibly.

And then a couple of days later we found claw marks on a tree by our pond up the hill. Art wrote about it on his blog and posted pictures. This one shows how high it is above me, as I am reaching as far as I can.It was a pretty big bear that put those marks there.

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