Friday, September 07, 2007

the long, long driveway

For the last 2 weekends there's been a lot of earth moving going on around here. Around 32 truck loads of gravel at 13-15 yards each .... so far. And we're not 1/2 done yet. I made a video of the first day's work. This is for all you yardy-ho guys who like to watch heavy equipment doing it's thing (and some of you girls might like it, too).

But wait .... who's that driving the dump truck on day 2 ... ?

Well, I believe that's Art getting in on the fun!

We are very lucky to have our own gravel pit on the property and also the use of all this equipment. Art's brother has been very generous in loaning us the dump truck, excavator and skid steer, not to mention the labour of 2 operators. All for the price of coffee and sandwiches. Yup, very lucky indeed.

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Carol said...

Holy Tonka Batman! I love the sped up part in the first video. I could hear the Benny Hill music playing. In my head. Heh.