Wednesday, May 09, 2007

All about Xena

Xena's latest victim is a styrofoam head. She does do nice work, doesn't she?And of course all that chewing is thirsty work (or is it just more chewing?).Sometimes you've just got to sit back and relax ....... or maybe pester a cat. Waddya say, Blackie? Wanna play .... huh .... do ya?Ever so slowly, the cats are tolerating Xena more and more. Blackie will even allow the odd nose-touch.

Tonight is Xena's 3rd class at Doggy Skool. She's doing pretty good, I think. This is a little video from last week where she is sitting and waiting her turn to do "figure 8"s. That beautiful dog next to her is named Velcro. She is an Australian Shepherd and belongs to the instructor. Get a load of those baby blues!

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