Sunday, May 27, 2007

finding time

I really don't like falling so far behind on my blog because then I just don't know where to start. And for Missus-Analytical-Brain know. Not that I live in the fast lane or have particularly scintillating topics, but I do like to share my pictures and I know family and friends are interested. Also, we have been hired to stain a log cabin on Francois Lake next week, so will be away from the computer for a few MORE days. So, I'll catch up here as best I can.

Now that the snow has melted, I can see my car again. Unfortunately, it has a flat tire and dead battery so will be staying put for a little while longer.Scored some old windows at the dump.Together with the ones I collected last Fall, they should make into a pretty nice greenhouse. Just gotta find the time to build it.Got some sand delivered and spread it over the new garden.Art was having so much fun zipping around in the skid steer that he didn't notice he had mowed over the fence. So, there was a bit of a delay while we fixed that. This method of fencepost driving sure beats hitting it with a sledge hammer .....

.... but the barbed wire had to be repaired by hand.Art tilled the sand in a bit, but it still needs topsoil and manure .... and maybe a bigger tiller.We've also been bringing wood home from Tom's. He gives us the scraps from his log-home building operation. The physical excercise does a body good, but the chopping is also great for releasing tension. Got a resentment? Chop up some wood. Art took some great action shots, but none of them too flattering. I like this one ... even though I'm not in full axe swinging mode.We figure 10 or 12 more loads and this area will be full and we'll be set for next winter.I have been working on my crocheted curtain tie-back project in the evenings in front of the TV. I'm close to finishing this first one. If I like how it turns out, I need to make 5 more.I have more to post, but Art has called me to help him with a programming problem. That's way fun, too.


My Little Corner said...

All work and no play?

You guys are doing a great job I must say! Us city slickers should try just one week - we'd be exhausted in 2 days!

Jo-Ann said...

Ya! All work and no play...what's up with that?! Thanks for the compliment, but I know you work hard, too. At least we're outside and that in itself is a treat sometimes.