Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Today is both sad and happy for me. It's the first Mother's Day since I lost my Mom. I know that all the "firsts" over this next year will be tough and this one sure is. My dear friend Sharon did something very sweet. She anticipated that it may be a difficult day so sent me a special card in the mail. What a good friend to be so thoughtful.

Now for the happy part. Today is the one year anniversary of our getting Xena. We were at a Mother's Day breakfast and someone there had this beautiful puppy named Susie. It was all kind of a blur how we ended up with her, but that day we became proud "parents". This is the very first picture I ever took of her. As a matter of fact, I believe that at this point Art was just "holding" her. She wasn't ours.After Art did some wheeling and dealing (with her owners AND with me) she was ours. She was such a cute little ball of fluff.....and so small! Walter can almost hold her in just one hand.Here's a little "then-and-now".Happy Mother's Day. I miss you, Mom.

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My Little Corner said...

I was thinking about you on Sunday and wondering how you were coping. It's difficult isn't it? (I lost my dad a few years ago, and miss him dearly)

It's nice that you have a happy Xena memory to give your heart a happy break - aren't dogs the greatest? They help us and they don't even know it!