Monday, May 21, 2007

return of the cows

When I ambled out of bed this morning and looked out the window, this is what I saw.

Yup. The cows are back. I guess Walter brought them up last night. This is just a splinter group from the herd. The rest are further up the hill. But do you notice what's wrong with this picture?There are 3 cows on the wrong side of the fence! I hurried to put my boots on and get out there to see where they got through, only to find that up by "gramma's" the whole damned herd was on the inside of the fence. Something like 70 yearlings, which I'm told have all got attitude.

I tied up Xena because I didn't want her chasing them, Art jumped on the ATV and I walked up the hill wondering what to do. As soon as they saw Art, they came running towards him. I think that's how Walter has fed them all winter, so they associate the ATV with food. He then drove through the open gate (hmmmm....that answers how they got in). With a little extra encouragement from me, they all followed suit.

There is still a lot of fence repair that needs doing, so I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Walter over the next while. He was up here a few days ago with his tractor and fence-post driver, fixing the cattle guards.

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Carol said...

Yay! Cow pictures are back. Must be cow season at The Blomquists.