Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jo's new excercise plan

Maybe I should write a book....or start a club. Maybe I'll get rich.

Here's the plan .... eat whatever you want and just follow this simple excercise routine every day .... unload a chord of wood (already cut into 2 ft lengths but unsplit) from the trailer it was hauled in on .... while one of you plants a splitting moll in the end of a log, the other whacks it with a sledge hammer until the log splits .... repeat for each log .... toss the resulting pieces from the chopping area to the stacking area (might require 2 tosses, depending on how close you are) .... stack neatly.

My arms and hands feel all woobly. Let's see how I feel in the morning. If I can't hold a fork to feed myself, then we may have the calorie reduced portion of the plan figured out also.


My Little Corner said...

Well you managed to type... how are you feeling today? Do you now missing living in the Lower Mainland? You'll be thankful for all that wood in the winter!

Jo-Ann said...

I was able to type and I was able to crochet, so all is well (stiff, though). I miss the beauty of the Lower Mainland. I love the mountains and the ocean, neither of which are here. I miss the soft water, the higher humidity (my skin and hair suffer in this dryness) and believe it or not....the RAIN.
We are VERY thankful for the wood in winter. Our first year we used electric heat and hydro bills were high. Once the wood furnace was checked we used it all this past winter. We used so much less electricity that Hydro re-assessed and we now have a 9-month credit with them. So, free heat and excercise, too. That's a good thing.