Monday, May 07, 2007

that was some windstorm

Yesterday was a yuck day around here. The wind never stopped howling all day which made working outside just a big pain in the butt. And it made both of us grumpy. The noise of it, the disruption of it. Art had to give up working on the chicken coop because stuff kept flying around .... including the hat off his head! We had to jury-rig reinforcements for the greenhouses because the plastic tops were blowing off. Crude, but effective.Then the power went out for about 6 hours. Fun stuff.

It was hard to capture the true force on film but I gave it a shot. This hummingbird feeder spent most of the day in a horizontal position, so all the nectar leaked out.But that didn't deter this one little guy from trying to get a drink. The second feeder is a little more stable, but he still had to hang on .... (by the way, Scottie thinks I should white out the chain holding that big feeder and report it as a UFO)

The wind finally stopped around bedtime and the rain started. If that ever decides to stop we will need to go for a little hike and do some cleanup. Whatever could fly, did, and is now plastered against the barb-wire fence way across the east field.

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My Little Corner said...

Oh my! what a yucky day! Poor you! Glad you were able to save your new planters.
and great video of that hummingbird! I'm glad he finally got some food at the 2nd feeder. He certainly wins points for trying!