Wednesday, May 16, 2007

first bear of 2007

The bears are now out and about. This guy was in our east field yesterday. Xena gave him a little "woof", but seemed to know to just leave it be (thank goodness).

We watched a show on TV the other night. It was about wolves and how they had been eradicated from Yellowstone National Park by the infinitely wise species called Man. The impact of their absence was dire, even for, of all things, plants. When this was realized, then wolves were re-introduced to the area. Balance has been restored. That show left an impression on both Art and I and when we looked at that bear in our field we were happy to see him. All things are connected. He has a purpose and a job to do.


My Little Corner said...

Nice of you to feel that way about your bear, but will you be able to bear proof your chicken coop?
I'd be a little nervous going out at night if bears are that close.... gives me the shivers.

Jo-Ann said...

Not too worried about the bears. As long as we keep the garbage out of reach they won't be a problem. They're more afraid of us than we are of them, so they keep their distance. I'm confident the chickens will be safe, too.