Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sandhill Cranes

I've told you about the Sandhill Cranes that visit us daily. They usually keep just out of camera range, but this day they came VERY close to the house.

I was thrilled! Then someone (who shall remain nameless but her initials are XENA BLOMQUIST...) came barelling out of the house and chased them away. I wasn't quick enough with the video camera because I was yelling at her at the same time.

I know she's just a dog and didn't know why I was mad at her for the rest of the day.....but I was. Thank goodness, the cranes eventually came back. But it took a few days.


My Little Corner said...

Silly dog! She's just protecting you and her property....
Do you think you can teach her not to chase the cranes?

Jo-Ann said...

I'd sure like to teach her to not chase them, but it might be tricky. There are things she's allowed to chase and things she's not. She's smart, so I'll just keep working with her.