Monday, August 13, 2007

EEEEWWWWW - gggrrrrooooossssss !!!!!

It's bad enough that I have to tell Xena 50 times a day to "not eat the cat food", but now something new has gotten her interest .... the cats' litter box. She keeps trying to get in there and I keep catching her. But today she took off with something in her mouth. I chased her down and pried her mouth open, only to find a lovely big cat turd sitting there on her tongue. GOOD GRIEF! And I had to put my fingers in there and pull the now slimy thing out! What IS it with dogs anyways???!!!

Is this what they call a sh**t - eating grin?


Viki said...

My sister used to call the litter box the dog's candy store

Anonymous said...

That same type of situation happened to me. Where in went my fingers to pry out the forbidden fruit not knowing it was what it was. But I wasn't anywhere where I could clean my hands properly. Yuk of all YUKS

Carol said...

Yup, on occasion, I saw Moosh eat cat turds out of the garden. I don't get it.