Monday, August 13, 2007

frisbee found

There was a rainfall warning for this area yesterday and boy did it come down! It was a torrential downpour, non-stop, for close to 24 hours. The Endako Mine was supposed to have their annual company picnic down on the shore of Fraser Lake ....

.... and the Endako Community Hall Society (of which we are members) was hired to work at it. It's a pretty big deal. They rent a bunch of huge inflatable playground thingies for kids to jump around in and hire a caterer to cook food. We supervise the games and make sno-cones, cotton candy and popcorn, and they pay us well for it. But the rain was so bad the picnic had to be cancelled.

Today is much better, so we did get out for our walk. The driveway needs another day or so to dry out, so we walked in the field and up the hill to Gramma's. It was a good workout. In our travels we found Xena's lost frisbee. She was pretty happy about that.

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