Saturday, August 18, 2007

more wildlife

We haven't seen very many deer in our fields this year. That's probably because of Xena. This is one of our rare visitors. She started to bounce away (and over the fence like it was nothing) only because Xena came running up the stairs when she spotted me on the veranda. She didn't see the deer until it was already across the field

No sooner had I taken that video and there was a black bear in our east field, but he was a little far away. Then I went around to the kitchen door and there was a big, fat, handsome coyote in the north pasture. Quite close, actually, but I didn't get my camera in time.


My Little Corner said...

Man, those deer have big ears!
And a fat coyote? Down here they are always so scrawny and raggedly looking. That's pretty cool that you can enjoy so much of nature!

Carol said...

So much action going on around your place, I'm surprised you don't just walk around with your camera around your neck all day long. I love how Xena's all, "Oh, that deer, it's too far away. Forget it." at the end of the video. LOL!