Wednesday, August 08, 2007

social butterflies

We've been getting a lot of company lately. While Echo and Grant were here, Art's sister Cheryl drove out from Vanderhoof. She and Echo are making a family favourite for supper ..... fitcomes. It's a Swedish potatoe dumpling sort of thing. Yummy and great for feeding a crowd.Knowing that it's always windy here, Grant brought 2 big kites. Well, he guessed right and they were a big hit.It did not take much coaxing to get the kites into the air.We even had a pretty rainbow come out for a while.At the end of the day Art and his great-niece Jamie brought the kites home. All you can see are her little legs under that big thing.I got some good video, too, but it's not ready to post yet.

Later, Art took Jamie for an ATV ride while her new dog Cinnamon ran alongside.Next up was our rockhound pal Dan (from Vancouver) and his son Eric. They spent the night as they were passing through to Terrace (Dan would return in a week or so).

Two days later Doug and Patricia drove up our driveway. This took me by surprise even though I knew they were going to be in the area. I don't know why I was surprised. Seems silly of me when I think about it. Why would they NOT visit us after coming all the way from Toronto? Let me tell you the story of how we met .... Doug was surfing the net one day, looking for info about Endako. Turns out his Mom was born and lived here as a child. She passed away in January so he was planning a trip to search her roots. He found my blog.

So he looked us up and gave us a call. I emailed some info about B&B's in the area and gave him the names of some old-timers that may have known his Mom. Then I didn't think much more about it. Well, I'm glad they looked us up and came to see us (they were even bearing gifts, which blew me away). They visited for awhile and the next day, after they toured around Endako, we got together for supper. Doug isn't very shy and just talked to people in the community and wouldn't you know, he found the house his Mom lived in some 70-80 years ago. I think that is so darned cool! We had a really nice evening with them and I think if they lived closer we'd be friends. Only trouble is Patricia is terribly allergic to cats and dogs, so wasn't very comfortable inside our house. I'm sorry about that.

Grant and Echo came to visit again, but just an overnighter this time. We tried to guilt them into staying an extra night, but I think Echo had had enough of all the travelling and just wanted to be home. I can relate to that.Some more rockhounds drove up from the coast to attend "summer camp" in Burns Lake, so stopped in for a visit on their way through. Siggi & Brigitte and their grandsons Christian & Nicholas arrived in their motorhome and spent the night in our back forty. This is Christian, being a sweetie-pie and watering my wisteria. Some kids are just nice.On Sunday, they all headed to Burns Lake and Dan returned from Terrace. He was here for Summer Camp also, but opted to stay with us and drive back and forth each day. He left this morning to go home, even though Summer Camp is not over 'til Friday. The weather's crappy and he's missing his wife, so off he went.

Things are quiet now, for a little while. Siggi and entourage might be back on Friday night before heading home to Vancouver. We'll see.

As for Summer Camp .... we ended up not going to it ourselves. Art got busy with database work again. It's OK. I don't mind. It's pouring buckets out there right now, so sitting snuggy in the house suits me just fine.

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Carol said...

It all sounds like fun. Those kites are a very good idea AND that's the biggest bowl I've ever seen!