Saturday, August 04, 2007

wackie weeder

The grass in our yard is getting very tall and we don't have a lawn mower (or goats .... yet). So Art pulled out the weed wacker and cut some paths to places like the workshop, the chicken barn,the tire garden. Look how the crops are bursting out from under that gardening fabric. The contraption that looks like a lawn mower is the weed wacker. No sissy one for us. It does a super job.And, of course, his adoring audience who is intently interested in anything Art is doing out in the yard. See that one a little left of centre with the red and white blotchy face? She's trouble. I've come to recognize her because every time she's near that gate she walks right across the cattle guard. Just a brat.Art and I aren't too fussy about having a perfectly groomed yard. We like the "natural" look, just as long as we can get around. These are potatoe plants in the tires and the chamomile just grows wild around them. Very pretty, I think. Hey, speaking of chamomile. We harvested some of it and made tea. VERY nice!

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My Little Corner said...

Cool garden.
It seems kinda spooky to see all those cows staring at you....maybe I've seen too many cartoons!