Sunday, August 12, 2007

gettin' some excercise

Art and Xena started a new trend about 2 weeks ago ....... going for walks. I decided to join them and our first outing together was a hike along the west and south fencelines. A little over-ambitious probably, but it was interesting to see a part of our land I'd not seen before. There are a bunch of old shacks and cottages from years ago when a crazy guy called "the preacher" lived on that corner of the property. He apparantly built 5 houses there, but never had enough materials so would steal pieces off the previous ones to build each new one.After that 5 km hike I thought I'd take it a little easier for future walks .... at least for a little while. Our driveway is 1 km long and is downhill from our house to the road, so it is a nice walk with some work required to come back up. We try to do that daily. Already it's getting easier. Xena, of course, LOVES it. She runs ahead of us and in and out of the bush all along the way. I'm sure she puts on 5 times the mileage we do. I'm also sure that there's no hope of us ever startling any wildlife with her around. One time she spooked a flock of about 6 or 8 grouse and when they started flapping around it scared the %$#@ out of me. Here's one that went up into a tree.The other day, we were walking along and all of a sudden a great big gangly moose came running up the driveway towards us. Xena got quite excited and started barking and chased it into the bush. It all happened too quick to get a picture.

This is a woodpile near the bottom of our driveway. A family of marmots live here. Can you see the big one sitting on the very top?


Carol said...

It's the Grouse Grind, Endako style!

Denise said...

Hey Jo! Would letting the Society that keeps numbers on Marmots be aware of what you have homesteading on your land? They say there are only about 200 of them out there. Just what I thought of when I saw your picture.

Kevin said...

Hmmm...I didn't know there were more buildings on the property. I'll have to go take a look next time we are up.