Sunday, August 05, 2007

tire crafts

You've heard about our tire garden. Well, we've been learning more ways to use those tires and make them prettier to boot. This is a little movie clip I made of one project. Art is turning the tires inside out and we planted the wisteria in them. I love that they no longer look like tires.

There are many more styles of planters we can make and paint them to look even nicer. I'll definitely post pictures as we go.

The above project got Art all inspired and he started to tackle the bigger tires we have in the main garden area.Because we missed getting our summer garden planted, he is designing cold frames for fall and winter growing. Check out Art's blog for more info on that. This shows 2 tires that he has inverted after removing only one sidewall.


My Little Corner said...

I couldn't see the video but I was always intriqued by the tire planters, I just didn't know how to do it, and just never tried.
Good for you! Keep showing us the photos

My Little Corner said...

Just saw the video. That's a good way of doing it - and I can do that too!