Saturday, August 18, 2007

my latest project

This is what I am currently working on. It's a gift for someone, so I can't tell you too much (except that it's NOT a scarf) and I figured no one will ever be able to guess at this early point so it's safe to show you.If it actually does get finished in time for Christmas, I'll show you pictures afterwards.

I'm pretty excited about it to tell the truth. And once again I'm impressed with what a useful tool the internet really can be. I found the pattern online .... well, I found reference to it online ..... I had to then find a back issue of the magazine that contained the actual pattern. The main stitch is called a "spike" stitch. I studied the pattern instructions and did some searching on the internet, but still couldn't figure out exactly how to do it. I made a bunch of swatches, just winging it, but nothing looked like the pictures. So then I had a brainy idea. I googled the designer of the pattern and found her blog, website and email address. I contacted her and explained my confusion and she wrote back within one day. Now, THAT I find super cool.


My Little Corner said...

That is really cool that the designer got back to you so quickly and I love how even your work is. It's a beautiful stitch; can't wait to see what it's going to be!

Viki said...

I know - it's curtains for my new house, Right?