Monday, August 27, 2007

long time gone

My goodness, it feels like I've been out of touch forever! We have not had an internet connection for 8 days and it's been driving me a little crazy. Apparantly, lightning hit the tower on Mt. Sheridan near Burns Lake. That's where our wireless signal comes from. It was fried so bad they had to ship a bunch of new parts from back east and then their technicians had to get up the mountain and climb the tower to make repairs. I'm sure they weren't too happy about it, but neither were we .... and neither were our customers when we were unable to help them. It's unfortunate that there are no other ISPs in this area, except for Telus dial-up and that isn't even worth considering. It might be time to look into our own satellite set up.

Anyhoo....that's where I've been. Now it's time to do some catching up.


My Little Corner said...

Glad you're back - show us what you've been working on? And how does your garden grow?

Carol said...

Oh God. Eight days? I wouldn't have survived. Glad to see you guys are back at it now.

Viki said...

Hmm, there's a second hand sat dish for sale in Drumheller. It was supplied by Xplornet, which i understand is available in your area.