Monday, January 29, 2007

All subs....all day

Yesterday was "Submarine Blitz" on the History Channel. 13 straight hours of everything submarine. When I told Art about it a couple of weeks ago, he booked the day off. He also placed his order with the kitchen (me). The menu consisted of beans on hardtack and plenty of bug juice. Translation: Boston baked beans, which I make from scratch (pretty good if I do say so myself) on really hard cracker type bread (which is kinda like eating plywood in my opinion....but hey, to each their own) and gallons of "drink" (in this case....lemonade). Oh ya, and lots of snacks for in-between, like potatoe chips and garlic sausage, which were happily shared amongst the crew.So yesterday we were incommunicado. The phone was unplugged and the drapes were drawn. Which was probably for the got a little stinky after awhile.

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carolb said...

Ha! I know why.