Friday, January 05, 2007

Hey! What's that white stuff?

It's snowing in Vancouver! This is what I saw when I stepped outside with the dog this morning.It's very wet, though, so will probably not last. I kinda would like dry roads for the drive home to Endako tomorrow (or at least snow free).

We had a very nice evening with the kids last night. It was our Christmas together. Xena and Brutis are slowly getting used to each other. We even let Xena sleep in the house with us last night (usually she sleeps out in our's less stressful for all that way). We got her a new "pinch" collar, which has transformed her. She is a joy to walk with now and doesn't jump up. Some say this collar is inhumane, but if used properly and for training only, it is not at all. Then when we're not "working" with her, we take it off. Don't worry. I'm not one who believes in punishment as a form of training. I do need to learn some stuff, though. I am very intrigued by the Dog Whisperer. Art saw me eyeing this book at the store the other day, so slipped it into the basket when I wasn't looking. I've already started studying it.


carolb said...

I've been watching Cesar on the National Geographic channel as well.

Viki said...

how was the drive home?