Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Congratulations Sara!

...and Kevin, too. They both ran in the Resolution Run yesterday in Stanley Park, but Kevin is just naturally athletic so my focus was more on Sara. She has been training for a whole year and I know the dedication it has taken. She started last year in a walking program and healthy eating and today she is a 65 pounds slimmer, trimmer running person. Tears of pride and admiration actually came to my eyes as I watched her cross the finish line, and later when I looked at the video I took, I cried some more. Most of that is joy for her, but a part of it is a pang in my heart because at one time that was me running through that gate. Weird emotional reaction. Took me by surprise.

Anyhoo.....here are the two of them after the run.And these are Sara's running "buddies".

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