Monday, January 15, 2007

Video Magic

I have had my video camera for a year now. It came with movie making software, but I said "poo". Art said "there's a Windows movie making program on the computer". I said "poo" (Art calls it contempt-prior-to-investigation). What did I think? That I would just miraculously "know" this stuff one day? So, today I stumbled upon the Windows movie maker and thought "hey, I should try that".

So, I have edited the wolf-dog video from yesterday's post. I added a bit on the end that shows the animal going into the woods. The first part was taken from inside the house, through the window (which is why it's a bit blurry). I then turned off the camera and went outside to yell at it, but took more video instead. Then I didn't know how to put the two MPEGs together.

Now I have some new playing to do (which is WAY more fun than doing housework!) and I have the perfect project in mind. Sara's New Years Day run.

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