Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Squeeky Guys

New members of the household. Squeeky-Pink-Guy and Squeeky-Snow-Guy.Squeeky-Snow-Guy came in a gift of doggie chew toys for Xena. She loves him. While we were visiting in Vancouver, her cousin Brutis gave her Squeeky-Pink-Guy. Actually, it was more like Xena kept raiding Brutis' toybox and stealing it, so Brutis finally gave in "Go ahead. Keep it." These are now her two most favourite-ist toys. The squeeking is endless.Notice anything unusual about this picture? I guess that's a dumb question if you are not familiar with Xena. She is so energetic that she is not allowed free run in the house. She has to be in a kennel. But here she is, outside her kennel and not rip-snorting around the place. Every time she comes away from visiting with Kevin she's a little bit calmer. He has some kind of infuence on her. Maybe she recognizes him as a pack leader because he's already leading Brutis. I don't know. Whatever the reason, I like it.


Viki said...

Not to mention the constant harassing of Brutis can wear a gal out. Cleo used to sleep for 2 days after visiting with Chief.

carolb said...

Xena's exhausted! Amazing.