Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Perched at Lookouts

The kitz basking in the glow of sunset.This has become a favoured lookout for Xena. This perch is as high as the birdfeeder (which I have to climb a six foot step ladder to fill in summertime). I don't know what she'll do when all the snow melts.She seems a little more watchful since that dog/wolf came through the other day. Even though she was in the house at the time, she could tell someone had been here. She went to all the places he had been (and marked).

The consensus on that animal has been mixed. Personally, I think it's a dog, like a Border Collie - German Shephard cross. It's snout is stubby, it's ears are long, it's tail isn't too bushy. I've looked at a bunch of pictures on the net and there is a variety of wolf that does have those ears, tail and colouring, but not the snout. But it is at the other end of the country. Art showed the video to a half dozen of the local Native Indians and they all say "wolf". Not that they are more expert than anybody else, but I kinda trust that they would be. Still....

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