Thursday, January 25, 2007

Slip Slidin' Away

It has suddenly gotten very warm here. Snow is melting like mad and the driveway is back down to glare ice (and even some dirt in spots). Art and Xena are walking over to work on the truck (it's broken right now). Xena's funny. When she starts to slide she just aims for a snow bank. Even though Art is wearing crampons he still does a little slip. Believe me, without those on your feet there is NO walking out there.

Later, I tried to get more video of Xena running and sliding, but she clued in pretty quickly. She jumped into the cab of the truck and we couldn't get her out...even with the really "good" treats.

1 comment:

Viki said...

the trouble with this change in weather is it entices one outside, only to slam ya down on yer ass for tryin'. "Mother" Nature? more like warped big brother.