Sunday, January 21, 2007

Technology Woes

Do you ever find that procrastination can make a task that needs doing into a much bigger deal than it really is?

About 2 weeks before Christmas (fantastic timing) our practically brand new microwave crapped out. It's very big and heavy and mounted to the wall because it is also the hood for the stove.In my mind this was going to be a HUGE ordeal. So, rather than make the call, I ignored the problem (by the way, did you know that you can actually cook stuff on the stove? And in the oven? Amazing inventions!)

Finally, Art made the call. It's under warranty. A repair guy will be here on Tuesday. Someone is actually going to come .... to our house .... and fix it. Geez! What was the last 6 weeks of agony all about??!!

Next problem.....the fax machine......We discovered that Telus has something called Smart-Ring. It's a second phone number on the same line as the existing one. It just has a different sounding ring. Great! But do you think I could figure out how to make it work? This woe-is-me also lasted for a couple of months .... til I couldn't stand it no more. I found the manual for the fax online (bless the internet). Apparantly, I had to "teach" the fax machine to recognize the new ring. That in itself was an excercise in comedy, but it's all working now. And the lesson is ........ ?

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